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Twelve Com Ga Hai Nam Singapore

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Singaporean, Chinese
District 4
Green delivery
Twelve Com Ga Hai Nam Singapore provides reduced or plastic-free delivery.
Bring-your-own container discount
Twelve Com Ga Hai Nam Singapore offers a 5% discount to customers who provide their own take-out containers.
Free drinking water
Twelve Com Ga Hai Nam Singapore provides free drinking water and you can refill your water bottle for free.
Food waste program
Twelve Com Ga Hai Nam Singapore has a food waste management program.
Green kitchen
Twelve Com Ga Hai Nam Singapore has taken steps to make their kitchen greener by reducing single-use plastic and managing waste.
No plastic straws
Twelve Com Ga Hai Nam Singapore has eliminated plastic straws in dine-in and take-out.
No plastic bottles
Twelve Com Ga Hai Nam Singapore has eliminated plastic bottles in dine-in and take-out.
From the business
1. At Twelve, we separate the food waste from the plastic, and separate those that can be recycled from single use plastic. We pass all of this plastic or glass bottles to the street collectors to help them make a living. 2. We put a trash bin outside our shop to prevent trash being thrown into the drain. 3. Our staff is not allowed to use single-use plastic cups when they go buy coffee next door. No plastic cups are served at our restaurant. 4. We also encourage our staff to bring along their own containers to take away food from the neighboring shops. 5. Any clean plastic bag we get from a supplier will be kept aside for later reuse. 6. We don't buy large black trash bag as there are already many reusable plastic bags that can be used again to pack trash or waste. 7. Any lighting in our restaurant not in use must be switched off. 8. The food that we pack for the less fortunate is using the eco-friendly boxes as well if they don't bring their own containers. 9. We don't use air conditioning during off peak hours. 10. We only give out wooden chopsticks with no plastic wrap upon request by customers. - Jack Lee, Owner
More information
Food waste is donated to the poor in eco-friendly containers.


  • Green delivery
    Reduced plastic
  • Bags
  • Containers
  • Container lids
  • Take-out cups
  • Take-out cup lids
  • Take-out straws
  • Cup carriers
    Not used
  • Cup sleeves
  • Food wrapping
    Poly-coated paper
  • Dine-in straws
  • Napkins
  • Dine-in water
    Aluminum cans
  • Dine-in drinks
    Aluminum cans
  • Dine-in cups
  • Drink stirrers
  • Linens
    Not used
  • Dishes
  • Piping bags
    Not used
  • Pan liners
    Not used
  • Food wrapping
  • Gloves
  • Food freeze packaging
  • Waste separation